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Issue #8276 resolved

README Markdown does not support internal links

Joel Fischer
created an issue

For instance:

* [Document Organization](#document-organization)

does not properly link to:

## Document Organization

You can see this issue in the example markdown repository

Comments (20)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for letting us know. To get links to headers working you need to add the prefix markdown-header-. i.e. markdown-header-document-organization.

    I've fixed our markdown demo to reflect this.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Anonymous

    this doesn't work for Atlassian Stash v3.7.0. None of the Table Of Contents links work and it appears to be because the IDs are removed from the header attributes.

  3. mneil

    +1 not being able to link to headers on long READMEs is very frustrating. I'm surprised the parser can't just create an id for headers. This issue needs to be re-opened. I'd commit a patch to make this work if it knew where to or even if I could?

  4. Dmitriy Belik

    I fond solution for myself and it works for other languages. I mark Headers twice. For me in my language and for Bitbucket in English.

    It's looks like this:

    [My header](#markdown-header-any_id)
    #My header #any_id

    My header

    My header #any_id

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