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Issue #8279 wontfix

Plus signs should be escaped by the Twitter hook? (BB-9415)

Kaz Nishimura
created an issue

Plus signs + are invisible in tweets sent by the Twitter hook, as in https://twitter.com/vx68k/status/390030550679175168

They should be escaped if possible.

Comments (3)

  1. Elisée Maurer

    (Posting as a comment to this bug since I'm pretty sure it's the same root issue)

    The Twitter hook doesn't seem to encodeURIComponent the tweet content before sending it to Twitter's API, so putting an ampersand in actually terminates it. See for instance https://twitter.com/WorldsMMO/status/506809682468421632 which was auto-tweeted from a commit message that said "Ensure player shooting sound & animation always plays". The tweet stops right before the ampersand.

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