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Issue #8305 resolved

Jenkins build key

Anonymous created an issue

where would i locate the jenkins build key for Repository link

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  1. campaignamp

    I'm also confused about the 'build key', as mentioned in the Repository Link popup window (Settings -> Integrations -> Links, click the Jenkins button).

    The documentation Brian that links to above refers to setting up a hook not a link, and it seems in the Links section there is a way to 'Map an unlimited number of JIRA, Bamboo, Jenkins and Crucible servers'. Is there any documentation on this? Google is drawing a blank....

  2. garro

    I also see no mention of a Jenkins "build key" anywhere on the internet. In Settings > Integrations > Links > Jenkins, this is a required field.

  3. Zachary Davis [Atlassian] staff

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the lack of reply. It sounds like "Build key" is actually what is referred to in Jenkins as the "Job name". I'm not personally familiar with Jenkins, but if someone can confirm this we can get the Links UI updated in Bitbucket to use more accurate terminology.


  4. Roman Wieczorek

    In Jenkins build is "a single run of a job". There is usually single build for every commit.

    Anyway. I added Jenkins Link But I am not sure what for it is. I will configure build triggers either via "Jenkins service", or by webhooks. But still I am not sure what for is the "Jenkins Link".

    Speaking of Jenkis. Every configuration filed in Jenkins has its own documentation, accessible via '?' mark next to the filed. It would be helpful if Atlassian have similar functionality.

  5. Roman Wieczorek

    In Jenkins job configuration, under build triggers, trigger builds remotely, Authentication Token. Docs says:

    "Use the following URL to trigger build remotely: JENKINS_URL/view/All/job/myjob/build?token=TOKEN_NAME or /buildWithParameters?token=TOKEN_NAME Optionally append &cause=Cause+Text to provide text that will be included in the recorded build cause. "

    So build key is probably some part of this link

  6. Mike Kolich

    Seriously, how is there no documentation on this? I've spent half a day just trying to setup my Jenkins server to work with my BitBucket repo and no where on the Internet is there any reference to "build key", not in Jenkins' documentation and not in JIRA or BitBucket's documentation. What is the build key? What is the Jenkins URL supposed to be formatted as?

    Can someone help me? This is a broken feature and I'm heavily considering just going back to GitHub and using some other tool for PM like BaseCamp or Teamwork.

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