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Urs Liska
created an issue

I think the display of the commit message is pracitcally hidden on the commit details page.

As it is I have the committer's avatar, then a formatted line with information about committer and date.
While this is nice the next line with the commit message's first line is completely un-formatted, and one practically has to search for it.

I think on the detail page for a commit this first line is the '<h1'> entry and should be the most prominent item on the page.

I suggest placing the commit message header above the avatar and format it the same size as 'Comments' and 'Files changed' but bold. I don't have an opinion whether the line with the link to the commits list and the committish should be above or below that heading.

The avatar should be beside the commit details (just as it is right now), and I suggest placing the body of the commit message below that and put it in a box.

Sorry to say, but this is actually better at GitHub.
See as a commit of mine. When you open that page the first thing you notice is the heading of the commit message, and that is the first thing you want to see.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We try to emphasize the file changes themselves, as well as any feedback provided from other users, rather than the commit metadata.

    We don't have any plans to adjust the commit page layout, but we'll keep this feedback in mind if we come back to it.

    Thanks again,

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