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Issue #8337 resolved

When tagging people, prioritize teammates over exact username matches (BB-9462)

Greg Bruening
created an issue

I often need to tag teammates in issue comments to gather their input but I often end up tagging random people due to the lack of prioritization when it comes to teammate tagging.

For example:

One of our project managers, Kelaine, has the tag @kelaine but if I get to @kel and press enter, it tags "Kel" (another user apparently) instead of auto-filling the rest of her name. I very rarely (never actually) have to tag people outside of my org. in our private repos so either defaulting to teammates first or allowing only teammate autocomplete in org repos would be very helpful.

Comments (8)

  1. Jon

    I concur. It's awesome to be able to collaborate with people everywhere. That said, I imagine that in cases where you have team members, you'd almost always want them first.

  2. Greg Bruening reporter

    Particularly on private repos. It seems weird that I can tag literally ANYONE from BitBucket regardless of their involvement in a project, be it commits, comments, etc. I'd think only teammates and those who have interacted with the project would be available for tagging (at least auto-fill tagging).

  3. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Greg Bruening thanks for the suggestion. I agree, teammates should be prioritized over other users, and in fact they are, except for exact username matches. I've raised the question of whether or not we should do this with the other members of the team and we'll update this issue when we have more to share.

  4. Nicolas Venegas

    Exact username matches have been changed to appear at the bottom of the list of suggestions.

    That is, if there are six teammates that match your query and there is a non-teammate that is an exact match of that query, you will see four of your teammates suggested first, then the exact username match, such that the exact username match is always visible.

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