Finer-grained, easier-to-filter email notifications (BB-9467)

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Shaun Crampton
created an issue

My team use bitbucket extensively but, as an admin, I find that I get a lot of traffic from bitbucket and it's hard to pick out the messages that I really care about with filter rules in my email client. I'd like to be able to distinguish the following traffic:

  • pull request traffic for pull requests that I initiated
  • important messages such as "approved" or "declined"
  • "new pull request" messages where I'm one of the reviewers or where I'm added as a reviewer to an existing pull request
  • subsequent traffic for pull requests for which I'm a reviewer
  • pull request traffic for pull requests that I'm not a reviewer (I want to file these for occasional review rather than have them drop into my inbox)

The big problem I have right now is I can't filter the messages because each individual message doesn't seem to have the relevant context in it. For example, a comment on a pull request has the name of the pull request in it but it doesn't have a line saying "this is your pull request" or "you are a reviewer on this pull request" for me to filter on.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi Shaun,

    As we just recently completely reworked all our email notifications, we aren't likely to make any new changes like this in the future. However, we'll open this for consideration at some point in the future.

    Cheers, Marcus Bertrand Bitbucket Support

  2. Lars Janssen


    My inbox has become unusable because of the BB notifications, and I might have to switch them off. The problem seems to entirely relate to pull requests - I want to know when pull requests are created, approved and merged, but not get emails for all the comments.

    Just one small change would solve 90% of this problem:

    In this settings page - - add one extra tickbox for PR comments. e.g.

    • All pull requests
    • -- (including comments)
    • All commits
    • All forks

    I feel sure that one little tickbox will make the world a much better place!

  3. Brian Bolte

    Seconding Lars' request.

    We'd like to have our code reviewers notified of new pull requests, but if they haven't set themselves to watch the individual pull request (via commenting, approving, etc.) they shouldn't get a notification for every comment on every pull request in the repository.

    The "--(including comments)" checkbox would make this work perfectly.

  4. Kevin Kaland

    I honestly just want the list field to be used in emails. I forward some projects to another work-related account, but I don't necessarily want to do this with all projects. Either use the list field or always include the name of the project in question either in the subject line or in the body of the HTML email. Because otherwise I can't search on it in Gmail.

  5. Nate Cook

    Oh my goodness, please please please can you add the name of the Pull Request author to the pull request email notification? I get dozens of emails per day and I cannot use filters to distinguish between comments on my pull requests versus comments on another author developer's pull request.

  6. Frederic Boutin

    I would love to be able to fine grain my settings of PR's notifications. As of now it is impossible to receive notifications only on a PR creation/merge where you're a reviewer and on some few other key events like name mentioning or PR approval by someone else, etc. It's an on/off switch top level on all notification which is not at all customizable. I'm so close to removing all notifications because of this. The only thing stopping me from doing it is that I won't be notified in anyway if my name is mentioned somewhere.

    I know you are looking forward to making some in-app-notification, I'm really eager this feature is done so I can stop all email notifications.

  7. Adam Hošek

    I would love to see some of these options for finer-grained filtering, too. It would be great if it would be possible to filter the notification emails so that pull-requests where I am among the reviewers go into one folder and the rest of watched repos/PRs go into another.

  8. Sonja Marr

    Would this be the place to add another request for Notification updates? I would like to mark a specific folder in a Repo for notifications, but the only option I see is for notifications for the whole Repo.

    Teams with qa folders, UI folders, api folders, would be able to reduce traffic on changes that may not interest them.

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