Connecting account to Google fails (BB-9469)

Issue #8341 resolved
T.J. Crowder
created an issue

There's some problem connecting my account to my Google account. It happens repeatedly:

  1. I come to BitBucket
  2. I click the Google button rather than signing in with my BitBucket id/password and get the page shown in connect1.png.
  3. I fill in my BitBucket information and click Connect, and get the Error 500 page shown in connect2.png
  4. But I am signed in; if I then go to, I get connect.3png

Thanks in advance,

T.J. Crowder

Comments (11)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Sometimes remote services take a little longer to respond, which caused us to decide the service was down. We've since changed the timeouts to be accommodating. Is this still a problem for people?

  2. T.J. Crowder reporter

    Yup, issue sorted! Tested both when I was already logged into the Google account (so just had to pick it from a list), and when I had to go through the login process for the Google account. Both worked perfectly.

    Nice one, folks!

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