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Issue #8344 duplicate

"Something went wrong" when trying to connect accounts due to existing connection (BB-9629)

Chris Down
created an issue

Hash for this error is bcd4971eb16740e887f95fc985b06dd2.

I am trying to connect my Google account (chris at chrisdown.name) to my bitbucket account (cdown), but this error appears, and the accounts do not become linked.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Chris Down I wasn't able to reproduce this issue using either my Atlassian Google account or my personal Gmail account. I also wasn't able to find that error hash in our logs, which is quite strange.

    We have seen timeouts on Google's side cause errors before though, so perhaps this issue was intermittent. Can you give it another go and let me know if it works, and if not, what error hash it gives you this time?


  2. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hey Chris Down, sorry for allowing this one to drop off of my radar. We've put out several fixes around third-party authentication in the last few weeks, so I was wondering if you could give this another go, if you haven't already. Thanks!

  3. Nicolas Venegas

    I can reproduce the problem you're seeing as follows:

    1. I have an account, nvenegas, with validated email address nvenegas@example.com.
    2. I sign in to Google as nicolasv@example.com (an email address not on the nvenegas account) and connect it to the nvenegas Bitbucket account.
    3. I sign out of Google
    4. I sign in to Google with nvenegas@example.com (an email address that is on the nvenegas account) and click try to sign in to Bitbucket with it.
    5. I'm prompted that the nvenegas@example.com email address already has an existing Bitbucket account so I'm asked to sign in to that account.
    6. I sign in to that account.

    After 6, it attempts to connect nvenegas@example.com to the nvenegas account, which already has nicolasv@example.com connected to it, and fails.

  4. Chris Down reporter

    Thanks, that was the issue, and that solution solves my problem. I guess my only request would be to allow multiple connections from one provider -- this is how I use most other services with my two Google accounts.

    Thanks again.

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