Creating a private repo fails

Issue #8376 resolved
Andre Steenveld created an issue

I tried creating a private repo but I got an error page (500). Browsing to the the repo will give a a 500 error as well with the following information hash (e844453c0c574155b0b049054bdfaa3f).

Even though the creation of the repo failed it seems to have partially succeeded, I can find it using search and in my list of repo's although accessing it is impossible.

I marked this as a blocker because this touches on the core functionality of bitbucket.

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  1. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated


    We had to delete this private repo.. can you try to recreate it once again, and tell us if it succeeds?


  2. Andre Steenveld reporter

    Sorry for the late reply, I made a private repo with the same name (a minute ago) and it worked like a charm. To work around the issue I already created another private repo to work with and that worked as well.

    I guess it was just a glitch in the matrix. Thanks though, and I hope you guys figure out what went wrong.

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry for the late reply. it looks like those 2 repos were corrupted when they were created. I've deleted them so they won't appear in your list anymore.

    Cheers, Brian

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