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Issue #8376 resolved

Creating a private repo fails

Andre Steenveld
created an issue

I tried creating a private repo but I got an error page (500). Browsing to the the repo will give a a 500 error as well with the following information hash (e844453c0c574155b0b049054bdfaa3f).

Even though the creation of the repo failed it seems to have partially succeeded, I can find it using search and in my list of repo's although accessing it is impossible.

I marked this as a blocker because this touches on the core functionality of bitbucket.

Comments (8)

  1. Andre Steenveld reporter

    Sorry for the late reply, I made a private repo with the same name (a minute ago) and it worked like a charm. To work around the issue I already created another private repo to work with and that worked as well.

    I guess it was just a glitch in the matrix. Thanks though, and I hope you guys figure out what went wrong.

  2. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry for the late reply. it looks like those 2 repos were corrupted when they were created. I've deleted them so they won't appear in your list anymore.

    Cheers, Brian

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