Render svg in wiki (BB-9534)

Issue #8380 open
Remus M. Prunescu
created an issue

Would it be complicated to display svg images in a wiki page and not only jpeg or png? I like the high-quality from svg files and the filetype is supported by most browsers. Currently, when including an svg file, a link appears offering to open the file in a new window. The link works fine but I would prefer to see the figure in the same wiki page. Thanks!

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  1. Remus M. Prunescu reporter

    Here is the exact error message: The website does not permit its content to be displayed in a frame. It must be displayed in a separate window. Load document in a new window

  2. Fernando Farias

    The beauty of SVG is, you can leave it be and the browser will display it. Also it is just text. One can use any SVG editor and just paste de SVG code into the wiki page to, in theory, show an image straight out of the wiki. That would be an ideal scenario, requires little effort, and provides a huge advantage. I tried out with Textile since it says to leave alone html fields, but the Bitbucket renderer is blocking SVG...

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