Show Reviewer(s) on Pull Request Page (BB-6947)

Issue #8385 closed
Ben Tatham
created an issue

On the table of all pull requests:

It would be great to have an option to show the "Reviewer(s)" in the table (and optionally if they have approved it or not). Since there can be multiple reviewers, which would then make each row taller, I understand making this an option (as long as it can have a global option to make it on be default as well).

In addition, perhaps add another Filter/Section to list the pull requests that I am an assigned Reviewer for.

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  1. Ben Tatham reporter

    Oh - my bad. Somehow it wasn't clear to me what that section was.

    So this becomes a bit lower priority then...but like you said, still better to show reviewers on the other section's tables as well.

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