Cannot create branch from existing repo (500 - Something went wrong)

Issue #8389 resolved
Luke Ruth
created an issue

For the past 24 hours I have been unable to successfully create a branch from an existing repository. I get no helpful error messages, just:

[[ 500 - Something went wrong. ]]

Is anybody else experiencing this? Anybody seen this before and found a way around it? I'll attach a screenshot of the error page I'm getting in case that's helpful.

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  1. Luke Ruth reporter

    Creating the branch locally and pushing it (as opposed to using the Web interface) also failed, though this time without error. Git did not throw any errors but when checking the Web interface the branch was not present.

    Very confused and not much to go on as far as trouble shooting. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Luke Ruth reporter

    I went to try and test your hypothesis by creating a branch with a different name this morning and now the branch "tags" exists and says it was updated 2 days ago and is under the "Merged" filter.

    Not sure what happened but I guess I have it now... Thanks for your help!

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