500 during pull request merge

Issue #8390 resolved
Alex Rasmussen
created an issue

This seems to be happening pretty frequently for our repository.

Reference 3082de67c0ba416681f980fff3ccd580; can attach more reference numbers as this recurs.

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    This is usually related to large repositories timing out and, indeed, a timeout is the error that I see referenced by that number. There may be other factors at work as well so please let me know if this continues to be an issue and we can take a look at our options.

  2. Alex Rasmussen reporter

    We've been having this problem for the better part of the last month or two. I finally decided to report it when I was confident that it wasn't some sort of transient problem.

    I personally see at least 3-5 of these 500 errors per day, and the rest of my team reports similar frequencies. Usually happens either when merging pull requests, opening them or loading them.

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