Can't login with Google ID

Issue #8394 resolved
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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    This is a common issue and we are investigating the cause for the recent increase in timeouts while communicating with google. Please be patient while we work to improve the success rate for google social logins.

  2. Daniel Bennett staff


    We currently cannot find a reasonable explanation for the loss of connectivity to your Google account login page. In addition, I have not been able to reproduce the issue so it can be directly observed.

    While we continue to investigate this issue we recommend using the username and password login, or perhaps try to re-associate your account with google.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    This seems a fairly common problem with Google's token URLs (according to a quick search).

    We use a fairly aggressive timeout on the network there that I will increase substantially in an effort to minimize this problem going forward.

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