Time indications (x minutes from now) are wrong

Issue #8398 invalid
Misch Sadler
created an issue

The attached image shows timing indications in the "Recent Activity" Overview of a Repository which don't make sense that way.

It says:

  • 59 minutes from now
  • 51 minutes from now
  • 7 minutes from now
  • 3 hours ago

but it should be (almost sure, at least the last commit, which is marked as "59 minutes ago" was really +- 1 minute ago):

  • 1 minutes ago
  • 9 minutes ago
  • 53 minutes ago
  • 3 hours ago

Comments (12)

  1. Misch Sadler reporter

    The same applies to this page, where I just see that I apparently edited the description 58 and 59 minutes ago (but it really was 1 and 2 minutes ago)

  2. Daniel Bennett staff

    The relative times are calculated client side based on GMT times from the server. Can you verify your local clock settings to make sure the time isn't off by an hour?

  3. Chris Danson

    I've checked the time on my mac. It's correctly set to GMT and I'm being told my commits made minutes ago are 23 hours from now. Is there any chance this issue could affect when commit hooks get executed?

  4. Misch Sadler reporter

    Dan, somehow I missed your comments, sorry about that. Yes, you are right, back then I had some problems with my clock, it was regularely off by one hour. Sorry for the faulty bug report, as far as I'm concerned, it can be closed.

    Chris: now that I have understood the problem, this seems as if your clock was off by exactly 24 hours...

  5. Daniel Bennett staff


    No, any clock skew on your end may make the display of information about your repository seem odd, but the hooks are always scheduled to run immediately after a push regardless of any time skew issues. There may be reasons for hook processing to take a long time or be delayed slightly but the state of your clock is not one of those reasons.

  6. Tim Hallman

    I am having this issue after traveling to new timezone, even after setting my clock. I consistently see "2 hours from now". I cannot figure out how to get bitbucket to update the new timezone.

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