Likes/Approvals REST api returning 404s (again)

Issue #8399 resolved
Peter Kovacs
created an issue

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    We're currently working to release the first public version of our new v2 API. This API has seen a few changes over the past months and the changeset approval mechanism was among that (the 1.0 API should not see any backwards incompatible changes).

    Approvals on changesets no longer live under a separate resource URL. Instead, they are now an embedded element in the (v2) commit object. Look for the participants element:

    This object also contains a link used to approve and unapprove the changeset ( To approve just POST and empty body to that URL. To unapprove, issue a DELETE.

    We're aiming to publish the documentation that describes all this next week, but this should allow you get going right away.

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