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Issue #8404 resolved

Forking own repo in Mozilla Firefox causes browser crash

created an issue
  1. Start Firefox and navigate to bitbucket,.org and log in
  2. Open an owned repository
  3. Select the Fork option from the "..." dropdown menu
  4. Observe that a few seconds after page load the browser crashes

Issue does not exist in Google Chrome

Environment: Mozilla Firefox 25 on Windows 8.1 Pro

Add-ons running: - Adblock Plus - Charles Autoconfiguration - Download Statusbar - Firebug - Flash Firebug - WOT

Comments (9)

  1. Topperfalkon reporter

    I haven't been able to reproduce on Firefox running on a different Windows 8.1 machine. I've been having problems with other Atlassian sites on the other machine, but it looks like something funky on my end. I'll look into it.


  2. Piotr Nowak

    My problem is only a bit connected, but I am also experiencing crashes on any page in some private repositories I have access to (also FF25 on Win 8.1). When I start with completely clear profile (using firefox.exe - ProfileManager) everything seems fine. I will analyse this more later and update with more details.

    What is strange, I have completely same profile (synced + same addons) in home (same environment Win8.1 & FF25) where the problem does not appear.

    [EDIT - additional details]

    • clear (new) user FF profile: works ok
    • private mode: works ok
    • my user profile with all caches cleared & all addons disabled: does not work

    In fact it crashes nearly at any your page - for example on login page as well as on some public repos too - for example https://bitbucket.org/mediastuttgart/ckeditor

  3. Topperfalkon reporter

    My problem (which could probably be solved via the same method) was that Firefox was crashing with Direct3D issues. Updating the graphics drivers seems to have resolved this problem for me.

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