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I have used BB for some time now to allow the visitors of my Dutch popular-astronomy website by loading the BB issues page in an iframe and displaying a side panel with instructions for the English fields in the BB page. I use this work-around since Dutch translations are not yet activated (I twice offered to help translate BB into Dutch on Transifex half a year ago, but never got any reply, so I suppose the translation is done).

Could you please activate the Dutch translation of BB so that I can send my visitors to your page directly? Alternatively, could you stop blocking the work-around (at least for my website until this is done?

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Apologies for not getting a response on your Transifex offers. We have a limited number of languages on our Transifex account and we carefully selected how we wanted to allocate these when we internationalized the site late last year. We picked the languages that we thought would have the biggest community and non-English speaking users.

    Funnily enough, during our internal evaluation of Transifex we used Dutch as our testing language. At the end though, Dutch did not make the cut (the Dutch tend to be better at English than say, the Japanese).

    We're open to adding more languages in the future if there is a large enough community to support it and I suggest you open a ticket specifically for that, so other users can vote on it.

    With regards to blocking frames, we use X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN that breaks use use of iframes that embed parts of Bitbucket in other sites. However, the motivation here is not to stop people from doing things like what you're doing, but to protect our users from Clickjacking attacks.

    Depending on how much work you're willing to invest, you could instead use the API to get information from the issue tracker and embed it directly in your site.

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