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Issue #8427 resolved

Merged branches are not accessible from the Branches page if the placeholder merge text is displayed (BB-9598)

Kaz Nishimura
created an issue

If all of branches have been merged, those merged branches are not accessible from the Branches page on a Mercurial repo.

Comments (14)

  1. Josh Burroughs

    Seeing this issue with git as well.. if there are no unmerged (with branches (even if there are "open" branches remaining) , the 'branches' screen is replaced with "Branching is easy with Git" box.

  2. Hữu Ðà Trần

    This is creating an "interesting" issue. When I go on a project that I know there are branches. Then, I click the "Branches" (https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/branches), it always display

    Creating, working with, and merging branches is easy with Mercurial.
    If you have work to do, start with a branch.

    But then, if I manually navigate to "https://bitbucket.org/user/repo/branches?status=active", it is showing all active branches.

    But now, the dark magic is... if I go on another project and come back to this project, and click on "Branches", it works.

    Is there an explanation?

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