Not all GitHub repositories shown for import (BB-9587)

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Max Aller
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I have a lot of GitHub repos (a few dozen or so), and when visiting I only see the first 30, but I know I have more. How can I import the rest?


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  1. Oliver Salzburg

    We're currently considering moving all our code from GitHub to Bitbucket. I'm tasked with evaluating Bitbucket and noticed that we can't "easily" import private repositories from our organization and that we're limited to the first 30 items the GitHub API returns.

    This is disappointing especially given that the number of private repositories vs number of users seems to be the major difference in both providers.

    I know every customer always thinks their problems are the most important ones, but, needless to say, we would really appreciate some development that would aid in the migration of repositories from GitHub to Bitbucket :)

  2. Londoh

    so having made the decision to move over to bitbucket I sat down this evening to import everything from github. But I can only get the first 30 repos Like everyone else in this thread I'm really disappointed right now Easy import from github was the deal maker for me. I just didnt realise I can only get 30. what a pita Is there any chance of getting this fixed?

  3. Richard Hurst

    I just noticed that not all my repos we migrated. Ahhh. So how do I manually import repos from github that are not listed in the import option?

    I think you should let users know that you wont import everything. Just imagine if I would have deleted my github account after thinking the import was complete only to lose 20 repos! Dangerous stuff...

  4. Richard Hurst

    luckily, when you delete a fully imported repo from github, and you then click import on bitbucket it only shows the ones you have not imported as (import), so you can see the ones that you missed. I basically went into github and deleted around 30 repos that I know got imported, then ran it again to get the rest. As a tip to other users (and it may be obvious to them) but ensure you don't have anything important in .gitignore. I thought I would mention it in the edge case that anyone has stuff they might need later in a .gitignore (like I stupidly had!).

    And I needed this too, as I do a lot of work form coffee shops and it was being blocked.



    Hostname Port 443

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