Link Pull Requests to Open Issues (BB-9577)

Issue #8439 resolved
Joel Felsinger
created an issue

When making a pull request how about having the option to chose which issue in the issue tracker the pull request pertains to. Then, when that linked up pull request is merged in it could post an update to the issue, or optionally resolve the issue right then.

This could resolve some of the back and forth between issues and pull requests that happen, so that everyone is updated at the same time.

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  1. Anonymous

    Have you tried using the Issues hook in combination with having one of the changesets have a 'closes #12'?

    I don't have personal experience with this, but this could be a quick-fix until this issue is addressed directly.

    Also, if you have the Issues hook enabled (by default on newer repos), anytime you put #n, it will create a link to issue n in the associated issues. There are other commands available. Documented here:

  2. Joel Felsinger reporter

    Ah, I didn't even know about the issues hook. I missed it completely when looking through the docs.

    Thanks a bundle for pointing it out. It looks like this already does a great job of handling what I requested.

  3. Benj Kamm

    The issues hook that updates an issue based on commit messages is a little helpful on this, but the current challenge is finding your way from an Issue to the pull request that addresses it.

    1. Create an issue
    2. On a new branch, write a commit that addresses it
    3. Make a PR from the commit's branch back to master
    4. Open up the issue. There's an automatic link to the commit, but no way to find the PR
    5. Click on the link to the commit. This take's you to the page for the commit, but there's still no way to the PR. there is a link to the branch, but...
    6. Click on the link for the branch. This doesn't take you to the page for the branch, but rather to the list of commits in this branch. Still no way to get to the PR!
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