Pull Requests: checkmark (likes badge) in commit list does not show green if another user approves a commit after you. (BB-10053)

Issue #8467 resolved
Shawn Goff
created an issue

The pull request view shows an index of commits included in the request.

The likes badge should display as green with a alt text of "You have approved this commit" for commits that you have approved. It only displays this way if you are the most recent reviewer to have approved a commit.

To recreate:
Have another user submit a pull request
Visit a commit, approve it, go back to the commits tab of the pull request, see green check-mark badge. Have the author approve the same commit. Refresh the pull request view, see an increased likes count, but with a grey check-mark badge.

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    I cannot reproduce this. Can you provide any additional information? If you'd like to submit it privately, you can send an email to support@bitbucket.org and reference this issue.

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