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I'm trying to attach a document to an issue at, but it fails. After having selected the document and clicking 'attach' the page turns blank. Reloading the page shows that the attachment was not uploaded. I'm using firefox 24.0 on ubuntu linux 13.04. Using Opera 12.16 also fails, it tells me "The remote server refuses to perform the request. This address is not available." The adress in the url bar does not change.

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  1. Bas Rieter

    As the owner of the Repo I can confirm this. It seems that only the issue reporter and a member of the Repo Team can add attachements. All the others get a 403 error and a white screen.

  2. Andrew Pinkham

    I am having the same problem. When I attempt to attach/upload a patchfile to issue 964 of Pygments, I am greeted with a blank page - the page fails silently. The HTTP code being returned is 403. I see this behavior in both Firefox and Safari on Mac OS 10.9

    This issue appears to be related to issue #7884.

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