Display multi-line commit messages in the commit listings. (BB-9597)

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Pavel Zinov
created an issue

Hello. Recently I migrated my SVN repository to Git. But when I pushed this repository to the new bitbucket repository, half of my commit comments went away. Here how my repository history looks like on my machine: http://i.imgur.com/HXsJVJ6.png

And here it is on bitbucket: http://i.imgur.com/t1zbvpj.png

Apparently it is a site's issue, because now, when I cloned my repo to the local machine, the history is here.

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    Based on the behavior you are showing and the format of the log output in your git example, I believe that the actual commit messages are multi-line and the git log format you are using compacts the messages onto one line. We currently only show the first line of a commit message in our changes list.

    Can you confirm that these missing commit messages are in fact multi-line?

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    I understand your issue, but I don't think it's a good idea to swallow/reformat newlines in everyone's commit messages.

    I'm going to close this as wontfix for now. Others can still continue to comment on this issue and vote on it.

    Also, if you have specific ideas as to how this could work in a way that doesn't reformat other people's commit messages, let us know.

  3. Santiago Puente

    Sorry, I don't understand why it would reformat newlines in commit messages, The issue is simply that the website is not showing more than the first line of commit messages, or am I wrong?

  4. Christopher Schmitz

    Is there a reason behind not allowing multi-lined comments in the log display? I know that the code should speak for itself, but I think there are definitely situations where a commit message could merit more than just a brief oneliner. I'm curious about the reasoning behind only showing one line.

  5. almightyeric

    I also want the ability to see multi-line commit messages in the "Commits" list.

    @ddbennett :

    How about leaving them as single-line by default (i.e. as-is), but having an "Expand" (or "...") link next to each commit (that, when clicked, reveals the other lines of the message via JavaScript); and also having an "Expand all" link at the top of the list, which reveals all lines of all commits on the page.

    That way, those of us who want to see multi-line commit messages on that page will be able to, but the page remains "clean" (i.e. almost like it is today) by default.

  6. Santiago Puente

    Any news on this matter? It's very annoying and misleading when you have several issues solved in a commit and you write them in multiple lines. You can only see the first line with no elipses or anything to indicate there's more to it.

  7. westernw

    In support for the above requests for multi-line message in commit history on the website.

    I also think this is just website displaying one line (as when we go to specific commit page we see whole) so it could have some {checkbox/expand/Collapse all button/number for lines to display input box} on the history page. I can see you generate same div title attribute as the content for commit message and while that is recommended to be under 512 characters including linefeed I doubt it should cause issues.

  8. N Neil

    Can we please view multi-line commit messages by hovering over them in the history listing.

    Github does this and I find it invaluable, You can limit it to a hundred lines of so if you like. Multi-line commits are essential and need to be easily seen.

  9. Stanislav Nikolov

    What is the status of this bug, is it really going to remain at "wontfix"? I find it hard to convince my coworkers to write proper commit messages with title + body, when they argue that they can't see the body in the web log. So now they put everything in one line, making it really hard to read. I also support at least the simple idea of having the full message shown on hover, with possibly some indicator in the list that there is truncated contents.

  10. Rutger Storm

    I also want to add that it's kind of unworkable when receiving pull requests from private forks which contain multi line commits. You can only see the first line and if you don't have access to the private fork you can't see the full commit message in any way. This is super annoying when using the commit convention above.

  11. Zachary Davis

    You can now view multi-line commit messages in the commits listing. Additional lines will be shown inline after the first line to fill up available horizontal space. The full commit message (with line breaks) can be viewed as a tooltip on the commit listing.

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