Issue #8476 resolved

index-pack failed on Git ssh clone

Christian Grobmeier
created an issue


i am trying this:

$ git clone --branch v3.2.8<myuser>/<myrepos>.git /Users/<myuser>/Development/test Klone nach '/Users/<myuser>/Development/test'... usage: git index-pack [-v] [-o <index-file>] [--keep | --keep=<msg>] [--verify] [--strict] (<pack-file> | --stdin [--fix-thin] [<pack-file>]) fatal: index-pack failed

I haven't run any updates to my Mac.

$ git --version git version 1.8.4

I was constantly using this command but as of today i doesn't work any longer. https clones still work, but ssh is broken and that blocks me with releasing.

Using SourceTree doesn't work too. However if I use SourceTrees embedded Git version it works.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Christian

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