File list not updated when switching branches in web source browser

Issue #8481 resolved
Louis Aslett
created an issue

If you click the source tab when viewing a repository and then click the drop down box to change to browsing a different branch the list of files does not update. Consequently if there are different files in different branches you get weird results. Even hitting refresh does not update the list.

The only way I've found to get the correct listing of files to browse is:

  • Go to source tab
  • Change branch
  • Click source tab link again (even though already on that tab)
  • Suddenly list of files now updates to match that branch.

Comments (11)

  1. Louis Aslett reporter

    I'm afraid it is still happening for me. There is now a spinner appears momentarily, but the additional files in that branch are not then shown. Thanks for the really quick response to this -- hopefully nearly there with the fix!

  2. Zyrian Chung

    It still happens to me as well. Only when going to commits tab, selecting a branch and going back to source tab works. Switching between branches in the source tab still does nothing.

  3. Todd Lucas

    I am seeing this as well. I am using a Mercurial repo. There appears to be a remote request (with the thumper animation), but the file list does not change until I click Source again. I repro'd with a new repo with just a few files and no subdirectories. I am using hgflow and have three branches (default, develop, and feature/xyz).

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