Dashboard is hard to find -- restore the top-level Dashboard navigation link (BB-9611)

Issue #8490 closed
Adam Ahmed
staff created an issue

I was looking for a PR inbox and couldn't find one. I looked in the user menu under profile and Inbox, but no luck.

Finally I gave up and mentioned it to someone. Luckily I was told it was "on the Dashboard". I had no idea that existed. Clicking the Bitbucket logo wasn't easy for me to discover. A dedicated link would be worthwhile IMO.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Did you have anything specific in mind? IIRC the collective wisdom was that clicking the logo is sort of a standard.

    Out of curiosity, do you never go to the site by actually going to bitbucket.org

  2. Adam Ahmed staff reporter

    I'd say the standard is for the logo to go to the homepage, but not necessarily my personal dashboard. I did not expect that clicking Bitbucket would take me to a page tailored specifically for me. I expected it to take me to a page about Bitbucket. That's why I was looking in the user menu. The dashboard is super useful, so a big header link right before Repositories would be cool. Or a link in the user menu to it would be nice.

    I don't usually hit Bitbucket.org straight away because I have my common repos in browser history so it usually autocomplete to where I want to go.

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