Refine private profile feature (BB-9609)

Issue #8492 wontfix
Martin Bravenboer
created an issue

It would be useful to companies if repository listings can be public, but member listings are not. Currently, the public visibility of both is controlled by a single flag 'private profile', so either you're sharing both, or you're sharing neither. It would be great if this can be refined.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    The members page of a regular (non-private) team will only ever list the members whose profiles are not public. So for a member to not show up there, they could just make their own profile private.

    However, if the repos are public, so are their commits, which identify all the committers, which if the members are developers, will probably include all of them again. Is this what you are after?

  2. Martin Bravenboer reporter

    Thanks for pointing out that private member profiles help with this. That helps a bit. The issue with this is that it does rely on the members to do something with their account, which is what we're trying to avoid, because this cannot be controlled well in a bigger organization.

    We do realize that commits in public repositories will be visible and can easily be used, that's okay. The main concern is that with, say 95% development private and 5% public, all members would immediately be publicly visible, even though only a few publicly visible people might be committing in the public repository.

    Thanks for your comments on the request!

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    We've discussed the request internally, but I don't think we'll be addressing this. We feel it is sufficient to either have the members make their profiles private, or for your company to split the public and private repos across 2 different team accounts.

    One account can be private and have all you members, while the other can be public and host all your public repos.

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