Updating/Creating new Pull request creates dead lock

Issue #8496 resolved
Martin Holeby
created an issue

First I tried to update an existing Pull request since I had made two commits to the feature branch, that I wanted to merge into develop. The spinner went on forever so I reload the page and tried again. No luck. Tried the same procedure again without any luck. Then I declined the Pull request and decided to create a new one.

However, the same thing happened when I clicked "Create pull request". The spinner to the left of the button goes on forever and the request is not created. See attached image.

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  1. Sherri Flemings

    Is there an ETA on this issue. Our team is suffering from this also, it only started today. Also unable to merge pull requests, creating a pull request is sporadic and syncing a fork is also sporadic. We see the eternal spinner animation.

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