cherry-pick-ed commit show wrong brach?

Issue #8501 resolved
Oleg Artenii
created an issue


It is correct to show there that branch name? I expected there to be empty, like on all master commits

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    If you provide me with the repo's URL, I'm happy to have a closer look, but what it seems is that your master branch isn't pointing to dd313, but to f1c76.

    If your master branch does point to dd313, then that commit should indeed not be labeled with that branch name. You can verify this by selecting master in the dropdown and checking what the first commit is.

  2. Oleg Artenii reporter

    Today I checkout master, and there wasn't changes from that commit.

    This is what I did:

    • Made the commit on the wrong brach (boutique)
    • Checkout mater branch
    • cherry-pick that commit

    At this point I thought it will be applied on the master, but was it applied on "another line" (seems like both master and boutique brach, now I am confused), and when I made checkout master or browse source on master branch, the changes wasn't there screen

    Sorry, I think it's my fault, I should study more how cherry-pick works.

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