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Issue #8503 wontfix
Patrick Bänziger
created an issue

Hi there

Small enhancement request: On the dashboard (https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/issues), in the column "repository", the text in this column is not a link that can be clicked. Only the small icon in front of the repository works as a link that takes you to the repository. This is rather counter-intuitive and a rather small area to hit - even with a mouse.

Suggestion: As with the issue column itself, make the whole cells in 'repository' a link to take the user to the respective repository.


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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    The repo name was actually clickable in the past. However, this was confusing for many, as the table is about issues, not repos. One expects the row to link to the issue and making the repo name a link that points to a different entity led some people astray.

    Now there is a valid point to be made that for consistency's sake, we should maybe also remove the link from the logo. This is the issue that I'll discuss with the team, but I will proactively close this issue as I feel it is mostly about the repo name being clickable and that is not something we will revert back to.

    Thanks for the feedback however! We try to user test UI changes as best as we can, but we don't aways get it right.

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