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Issue #8506 resolved

Couldn't find host bitbucket.org in the .netrc file; using defaults

Server NA
created an issue

This is similar with https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issue/5232/authentication-failed-for-any-repo My git config [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true [remote "origin"] url = https://server_ts@bitbucket.org/server_ts/bakkenshop.git fetch = +refs/heads/:refs/remotes/origin/ [branch "master"] remote = origin merge = refs/heads/master

GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push origin --all

  • Couldn't find host bitbucket.org in the .netrc file; using defaults
  • About to connect() to bitbucket.org port 443 (#0)
  • Trying

git push -u origin master Password: error: Failed connect to bitbucket.org:443; Operation now in progress while accessing https://server_ts@bitbucket.org/server_ts/bakkenshop.git/info/refs

fatal: HTTP request failed

Comments (10)

  1. Server NA reporter
    • changed status to open

    Hello, I'm having the same issue again on a server. And with all other repositories on that server. Can it be from the git version ? I can clone repositories, pull/ push on different machines.

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