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Issue #8508 duplicate

Make the issue tracker automatically convert "+1" comments into votes

Miloš Levačić
created an issue

...and don't send any notifications for those comments to people who are watching the issue.

Maybe display some little popup to the person who is trying to send that, that their comment has automatically been converted, because the "Vote" system is better, and there is no need to spam so many people anymore.

I'm watching only a handful of issues, and get around 5-10 emails a day, notifying me that someone who couldn't be bothered to look around the interface (or even read the previous comments, which usually mention this) just posted yet another "+1" comment.

Comments (3)

  1. Miloš Levačić reporter

    We'll I'm resolving this manually as a duplicate, but I've searched the issue tracker prior to opening this issue, and couldn't find anything, even though it seems there's a bunch of related issues already. Weird.

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