Can i notificate a group of members in a message commit?

Issue #8511 resolved
Leandro Oliveira de Andrade
created an issue

I want to notificate, by email, a group of users in my repository, using '@' for example. Existis a hook thats send email to each every commit, if it were possible to send only a few specific, already help.

Thanks, [ ]'s Leandro Andrade

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I believe these are 2 separate questions:

    1. You cannot mention all members of a group using @group/team. Using @team will actually send a message to the team itself and by extension to all admins on the team (so this may enough for you).
    2. There is no hook to send emails based on certain criteria. There is the Email hook, but that will always send an email on every push.
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