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Issue #8523 resolved

Default avatar CSS fail issue in Firefox 25 on OSX (BB-9623)

created an issue

Using FireFox 25 on OSX, default avatars do not show properly on the website.

See the screenshot attached. Instead of showing the default icon of the person silhouette, it shows some text that is overlayed on top of the username. It appears to only affect users who do not have a custom avatar.

This issue does not exist on Safari or Chrome in OSX. Also note that I have not tested this on Windows.

Comments (6)

  1. lewisjosh reporter

    I feel like an idiot, but I just realized I had installed a FireFox plugin a while back and it looks like it interfered with the Gravatar widget. I disabled the plugin and it appears to work fine.

    Sorry if anyone wasted time looking into this!

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