OAuth Callback URL rejects custom schemes (BB-13777)

Issue #8524 resolved
Allan Chau
created an issue

I am trying to create an iOS app and have setup a custom URL scheme.

Bitbucket doesn't seem to like this as I am redirected to an error 500 page. (instead of my app opening)

When replacing my custom URL scheme with http://google.com everything works as expected.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    This is more a support request than a feature request. I suggest we move it to support so we can discuss the details of your app, your actual requests and your consumer information.

    Can you email all relevant details to support@bitbucket.org?

  2. Erik van Zijst

    @rss_samuel Basically URLs that don't start with http://, but with something completely custom. People writing native, non-browser apps can bind those schemes to their application so that the browser will open it when it gets redirected to it.

    If you've ever used bittorrent you may have seen "magnet links" which is an application of custom URL schemes.

  3. Robin K├Ânig

    @Erik van Zijst have there been any changes about this? I also wanted to create an OAuth consumer for an iOS app, so I need a callback URL that starts with a custom URL scheme. According to this thread this was possible in the past, but currently I get an "Enter a valid URL" error on the form when entering a non-http:// URL

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