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Issue #8532 resolved

Safari telling me that BitBucket is a phishing attempt.

Cameron Banga
created an issue

Seems like I'm getting the following page when I visit:


I don't think there's really a reason for me to visit that URL, but was seeing this URL/then subsequent page when clicking logo to go home or searching using the search box. But seems to be gone now.

Comments (9)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Looks to me like Safari being helpful that your URL contains a username, which may be unintentional.

    Do you get that warning even when you remove the username from the URL? How about other sites?

  2. Cameron Banga reporter

    I'll try on some other sites, and definitely agree it's Safari being helpful. But in using BitBucket for past ~year, I've never seen this, and seems to arise from having just been searching for a repository.

    Probably no big deal and I mistakenly did something silly, but wanted to report in case I wasn't the only one seeing this issue. Don't want others who are less informed missing out on the awesome that is bitbucket. :-)

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    Do you know where the link came from that you clicked? We should not be creating any links that contain usernames (except for the HTTPS clone URL, but that's not clickable).

  4. Cameron Banga reporter

    Erik van Zijst I honestly don't remember, but for about a day, anytime I clicked on the BitBucket logo to go back to my home feed, or when I searched using the search box, I would see the error page, and later noticed that my username was being sent through the URL.

    Honestly wasn't sure what happened, probably a user mistake, but seemed odd.

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