Allow reviewing of all changes to all files between two commits (BB-9846)

Issue #8540 closed
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Please allow me to specify two commits and be presented with a unified diff of all changes between those two commits, for all files that were changed between them, and make comments on this diff. It should look like the ordinary commit review page - nothing special.

I collaborate with a teammate and both of us push to the same repo, but it's a pain to review his work when he pushes a string of work-in-progress commits and I have to figure out in my head what changes did and didn't stick around to the final version.

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  1. s reporter

    Actually, while I can show the diff, I can't actually comment on it. I don't get the comment button when I hover over a line like I do with the normal comparator. Is commenting on this sort of diff supposed to work right now? That's the important part of what I'm after.

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