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Hi there. I am committing in my private repository as myself, "luke14free" and in the commit history bitbucket shows me as someone called "sontek" (as you can see from the screenshot).

BTW I have no idea who the guy is.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I had a look at the repo, but I don't actually see any commits by you (luke14free). I mostly see commits by Domenico and Pamela. I see that you pushed them up, but not created them.

    Note that committing and pushing at 2 different things.

    The commits that have @s on them have really been created by that user. Or rather, whoever created those commits, had his name and email address configured in their ~/.gitconfig file.

    You can see one of these raw commits (as they were pushed up to Bitbucket by you) here:

    You can see @s's username and email address.

    Bitbucket looks at the email addresses used in the commit objects to look up the relevant Bitbucket account.

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