List 'orphaned' wiki pages (BB-9636)

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Mark Ericson
created an issue

This is similar to Issue #2659 "Show all of the pages in the wiki on a page" but would list just a subset, only those wiki pages that are 'orphaned.' Orphaned pages are pages that don't have any links to them. This is a very important feature to maintain & refactor a Wiki.

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  1. Mark Ericson reporter

    The use case is wiki maintenance / refactoring, finding those pages that are missing content an therefore should either a) have content added, or b) be removed. If the full index counts as a reference, then it would be impossible to find those pages that lack content.

    I thought that was why Confluence has an Orphaned Pages list.

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    Right, I can see the maintenance/editor scenario.

    I've copied this to our internal issue tracker but to be fair, given the may other features it will have to compete on time for, I'm not sure we'll be working on this any time soon.

    Having this issue here will allow other users to vote on it and user votes help us prioritize our backlog.

    I thought that was why Confluence has an Orphaned Pages list.

    True. However, we aim to keep Bitbucket's issue tracker and wiki relatively simple and we won't be bringing all of Confluence's features to Bitbucket.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    We've discussed the suggestion internally, but I'm afraid we won't be working on this any time soon and so we're going to close this issue for now.

    While I understand that it might not be helpful for everyone, I do want to point out that you could just clone the wiki repo locally and write a script to find the orphaned pages.

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