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samuel hints
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There is some variables like page , pagelen, after in /api/2.0/repositories request.

Is there another variables !?

for example: values, values['has_wiki'] or has_wiki=1

Also I love this syntax for recieve data, just like FQL.

/api/3.0/?query=SELECT * FROM repositories WHERE has_wiki = 1

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  1. samuel hints reporter

    Another IDEA. :)

    We can to use only by query variables.

    We have here this variables. page, pagelen | limit, after and field_key , field_value , field_compare.

    The request will be like this:

    The results will be include all repositories that the has_wiki parameter not equal ( != ) to true.

    Another example:

    The results will be include all evzijst repositories .

    The field_compare can will be include this values.

    equal, not-equal, Like, greater-than, less-than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than-or-equal

  2. Erik van Zijst

    I initially closed this issue as resolved as it started out discussing the presently available parameters to to the repositories endpoint.

    Now that it has shifted towards adding repo search functionality I think we should close it as a duplicate of the older issue that you mentioned.

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