Changing forking mode is only available for private repository !

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Mathieu Courtois
created an issue

In the Administration tab, I would change forking mode from "Allow only private forks" to "Allow forks". But it was not possible until I check "This is a private repository"

I think that the condition is reversed.

Workaround: check "private repo", change the forking mode and then uncheck "private". The forking mode is saved.

For public repository, the widgets are: see unchecked.png

After checking the "private repo" box: see checked.png

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  1. Loic AG

    The current behaviour seems logical to me: public repositories can always be forked, whereas private repositories can be protected from public forking. Or am I missing something?

  2. Mathieu Courtois reporter

    It's not so simple because my repository was public but only private forks were allowed.

    I had to check "This is a private repository" to "Allow (public) forks".

    If private repos can be forked and public repos can be unforkable, the "Forking" widget should not depends on "This is a private repository" checkbox.

    Perhaps that public forks are allowed by default for public repos, but when I created my clones on BB I set them as private to test, fill the wiki... and then I open the access to public.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    I had to check "This is a private repository" to "Allow (public) forks".

    That would be a bug. However, I cannot reproduce this.

    Things are meant to work like @Loic AG says. Public repos are always (publicly) forkable.

    Do you have a public repo that is not publicly forkable? Or are you able to create one? If so, I'd be keen to have a look at that.

  4. Dag Lyberg

    I am having problem with switching a private repository to a public one. Currently in the Settings tab, the Access level is "This is a private repository" and Forking is "Allow only "private forks".

    I want to switch to a public repository and "Allow forks". But if I uncheck "private repository", then no matter what choice of the Forking option I choose, I only get the warning "Public repositories must allow public forks".

    This must be a bug somewhere beyond my control.

  5. Pavel Vorobiov

    the same issue.
    i even cannot change forking settings for private repository. choose "allow forks" -> save -> got "Your repository settings have been updated." message but still have "Allow only private forks" in forking select.

  6. Anonymous

    Same here. When I change repository to private, Forking option is hidden and i get message "Public repositories must allow public forks." Same behavior, when i choose Allow forks and then uncheck private repository.

  7. Cedar McKay

    Can't change a private to a public repo. When private, it won't let me choose "Allow Forks". When I try to switch to public, it complains that "Public repositories must allow public forks" but there is no way to do that through the web interface.

  8. Chris Somme staff

    Yes, there was a problem that was recently deployed that prevented making private repositories public. A fix was just deployed, you should be able to do it though the web interface again.

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