Can't change deployment key to SSH key.

Issue #8568 resolved
Yosh de Vos created an issue

After using the same deployment key for various repositories I decided to use the same key as SSH key to avoid adding this key for each repository. However when I try to add the SSH key I receive the message “Someone has already registered this as a deploy key.”. I checked all my repositories, but none have a deployment key registered with the same ssh key. Maybe Bitbucket is checking a deleted repository for any deployment keys?

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Yosh,

    Can you paste the public key you're trying to use? If you'd prefer, you can PM it to me.


  2. Brodie Rao

    Hi Yosh,

    I think see what the problem is now. You can't add an SSH key to a user account if it's already in use as a deploy key. If you'd like to add that key to a user account, you'll need to first delete all the deploy keys that reference that SSH key. It looks like you're using the key on two repos at the moment.

    I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, let me know.


  3. Yosh de Vos reporter

    It's true that I use the same SSH key as deployment key for one repository. I readded the key because I need it to deploy that repository as I can't add it as SSH key. But I'm wondering what the other repository is. That one is probably the one I deleted some time ago. Could you please check?


  4. Brodie Rao

    Hi Yosh,

    Sorry, you're totally right. The key was on a deleted repo. I've deleted the key, so you should be good to go now.

    I'll add an issue to our backlog to address this general problem. If you have any other issues, please let us know. Thanks!

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