Excessively large Git diff crashes with 500 (BB-9639)

Issue #8571 closed
Jeff Tian
created an issue

The 500 error page said this might be helpful for debugging the issue:


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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    I had a quick look and the page timed out on our end. I then had a peek at that commit and I believe it is the biggest I have ever seen:

    # time git show e40baead03ed29cd2f36ff793e1ed127e45d98f7 | wc 
    17435526 70825909 518218547
    real    0m56.742s
    user    0m36.272s
    sys 0m5.103s

    That one diff is 500MB.

    Now we should not time out like we did, but nor will Bitbucket ever be able to render that commit.

    I've raised an internal issue for us to not crash on diffs like this, but to gracefully tell you that it can't be displayed.

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