Invitation email language issue (BB-9685)

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Haoxi Zhan
created an issue

I sent 2 invitations to my classmates and unfortunately the email is in Chinese. Maybe it's because my bitbucket account's locale is set to Chinese(China).

I didn't see any option to choose the language of the invitation email so I thought it should be in English. And of course I received a relply from one of them telling me that the invitation email is not understandable. So I changed my account settings and sent invitations again. I am not sure whether it is in English this time because I haven't received any feedback.

Now I changed my account setting back to Chinese again. By choosing Chinese in my account setting, I am not meaning that all my friends speak Chinese. So I think this place might be changed to make the site more usable.

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  1. Brodie Rao


    Thanks for the report!

    Your assumption about the second set of invitations being sent in English based on your account settings is correct—we send the email based on your own language settings. Our invitation emails are currently translated by the community, so depending on the language, the email may be in part or wholly in the language you've set.

    I'm not sure there's a good short-term solution here. We could offer a setting in the invitation dialog to control the language, but the email may not be fully translated (or translated at all). I think a long-term solution would involve us translating the emails in-house, and either providing that setting or including multiple languages in the message.

    I've added an issue to our internal backlog to address this. In the meantime, I'd recommend changing your language like you're doing now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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