A deleted message with a reply will not show up in inbox (BB-9660)

Issue #8594 wontfix
Bitbucket Bot
created an issue

To reproduce

  • User A sends a message to User B
  • User B sees message, replies, then deletes the message
  • User A replies to the reply
  • User B will see that they have a message in the User menu, but they will not see anything in their inbox

Note that if you have email enabled, you will receive the notification in your email.

Comments (8)

  1. Jurko Gospodnetić

    Could you please reclassify this as a major issue?

    It is not right that messages may get lost. One thing I expect of an on-site messaging system is reliability. If I wanted a less than perfectly reliable one (not considering catastrophes destroying a data center or something evil like tat) - I'd use e-mail.

    If a user of one of my projects asks me for support, imagine what his opinion of me will be if I have to explain to him that I ignored him because 'BitBucket lost his message' 😉

    Best regards,
    Jurko Gospodnetić

  2. Tobias Dammers

    Worse yet, this means that I have no way of replying to that message - I can't reply to the e-mail, because unlike github, bitbucket doesn't have e-mail integration; and I can't reply through the web interface either, because the message isn't there. As it stands, I am unable to respond to a user request, which looks highly unprofessional from my side, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do.

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