Converting a Repo from personal to team is Awesome, except my https url still has my personal username

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James Bowler
created an issue

I converted some Repos from personal to team.

For other team members, the https url is correct. For me, the https url still has my personal username in it. So, when I changed the remote url, no one else could pull (they would get auth error). I can manually change it, but it took a little to find out what was going on.

Steps to recreate: 1. create a repo 2. convert the repo to a team repo 3. look at your https url for that repo, and look at the ssh addr. The ssh is correct, the https is not.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi James,

    The HTTPS clone URL we show on the site always includes the username of the person viewing the page. If the repo is owned by a team, it's still going to show the username of whoever you're logged in as—not the team's username.

    Even if the repo is under a team account, we recommend that you always access it using your own individual account.

    The reason this isn't a problem for SSH is that we don't include any kind of personal username in the command—we figure out who are you on the site based on the SSH key you added to your account. Everyone uses the same "hg" and "git" SSH users.

    If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks!

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