Searching the user profile repo list could be nicer (BB-9713)

Issue #8606 closed
Josh Jones
created an issue

We were wondering if you guys might add an option to turn off the paging or to maybe set the paging size (thus allowing us to set it very high) for the main repo list?

We have grown accustomed to just hitting CTRL+F on that page, typing a few chars, and getting right into a repo. It is easier than finding things through a search/filter feature.

Customer Support sent us here. Hope this is the correct place.

Thank you!

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Josh,

    We originally added pagination to that page to reduce loading/rendering times. That said, the way the search box works now isn't very useful (it only searches for repos whose name starts with the search string). I'm going to add an issue to improve this to our backlog.

    I suspect we'll end up doing something similar to the dashboard repo widget's search, or implement it in the way we do for global repo searches (in the top right search box).

    We're also working on a new feature that'll let you quickly search for and jump to repos from anywhere on the site, which might be a better solution than searching the repo list. We hope to get that out soon.

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