Comments on prior versions broken

Issue #8611 resolved
Jon created an issue

When there are commends on a pull request for a prior version of the file that are now hidden it displays an icon that looks like a word balloon with an elipsis in it and a badge/label with the number of hidden comments.

Usually when I click this they load in an overlay via ajax. Now the spinner never goes away. I see a couple requests go out to google analytics, and then a second or two later a request aimed at{account}/{project}/pullrequests/{pr number}/updates?since=2013-12-10T18%3A23%3A43.275542

The ajax response that comes back over the wire is something like: {"destRevMoved": false, "rebased": false, "approvalsAdded": [], "lastModified": "2013-12-10T18:24:03.369364", "commentsReplied": [], "approvalsRemoved": [], "updates": [], "commentsDeleted": [], "prDetailsModified": false, "commentsEdited": [], "commentsAdded": [], "viewers": [], "anchorMoved": false}

Not sure if that helps, as it seems like it's an occasional ping for general updates rather than something related to the UI action I took.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Jon,

    I'm not sure if the fix I put out #8612 is going to address this issue, but can you confirm if the issue's still happening? If it is, can you check the JavaScript console in your browser and paste an errors you see?


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