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Issue #8612 resolved

Activity tab on pull request error on load

created an issue

The tab says

Error We were unable to load this page.

Inspecting the network requests shows that there's some HTML that comes back. It includes this:

<p>This might be useful in debugging the problem:</p> <p><code>f4934185f9e0499ba2eebaa6c9a7db59</code></p>

I don't get this on all PRs, just on some (may be related to #8611 - both issues happen on the same PR).

Comments (4)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the report. I've put out a fix that that should address this. Can you try those PRs again and let me know if they load properly now? Note that the page may say it can no longer render some of the diffs. That's normal in this case (since a branch was rebased).

  2. Jon reporter

    Yes, I believe this fixed it. I'm 80% sure I'm looking at the same PR as when I reported the issue (I should've written it down). Thanks!

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